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IBS employee level II certified building thermographer


One of our IBS employees is recently certified as a level II building thermographer. This provides evidence that among others IBS has the knowledge required according to BREEAM-NL regarding building thermography.

To qualify the thermal insulating qualities of the façade, IBS can make thermal images of the construction. On these thermal images the effects of potential thermal bridging, poor or missing thermal insulation as well as potential air leakages will be visible.

IBS performs the thermographic survey of the thermal qualities of the facade according to the NEN-EN 13187 – Thermal performance of buildings – Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – Infrared method

The performance of a thermographic survey of the façade is part of the BREEAM-NL certification. This is established in the credit ENE 26 ‘Assuring thermal quality of the building envelope’. One of the two points of this credit will be granted when during the completion of the building heat loss measurements have been performed in the form of a thermographic survey. This survey must be conducted by a trained and qualified professional.

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